Input Files

The structure of an HTML input file is just like a regular HTML file, but it doesn't have any header, footer, menu or other boilerplate code. Its content is processed and then put into a "content div" block.

The special file template.html is read once, and its placeholders replaced by content for each input file to generate the output files. Known placeholders are as follows:

The page's title (from the menu)
The toplevel menu items in a horizontal layout
A menu structure appropriate for the current page
The actual content of the input file (after processing)
When no side menu is present, set to center, else to right.

The processing step mentioned above detects code blocks delimited by <%= ..... %>, replacing them by the output of the Lua code contained therein. This code is executed in a limited environment providing a few functions:

copy_function(filename, functionname)
Open the given Lua file, and look for the given function. The function body is extracted, highlighted and returned.
inline_code(s, ...)
The first argument is the code to display; it is highlighted. The opional additional arguments are appended to the code verbatim and might be used for a short explanation.