A simple demo with a GtkIconView widget filled with a few stock icons.

IconView screenshot

The code to obtain this (without Glade) is quite straightforward. Create a window, within it a scrolled window, and within that a GtkIconView. A list store is attached to it and filled with a few icons.

function MainWin.new() local self = {} setmetatable(self, MainWin) self.w = gtk.window_new(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL) self.w:connect('destroy', gtk.main_quit) self.w:set_default_size(200, 250) self.w:set_title("Icon View Demo") local sw = gtk.scrolled_window_new(nil, nil) sw:set_policy(gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC, gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC) self.w:add(sw) self.icon_view = gtk.icon_view_new() sw:add(self.icon_view) -- create store self.store = gtk.list_store_new(3, glib.TYPE_INT, glib.TYPE_STRING, gdk.pixbuf_get_type()) self.icon_view:set_model(self.store) self.icon_view:set_text_column(1) self.icon_view:set_pixbuf_column(2) -- insert some items. see .../gtk/gtkstock.h local iter = gtk.new "GtkTreeIter" local pix local names = { 'quit', 'open', 'redo', 'refresh', 'stop', 'save', 'save-as', 'select-color', 'yes', 'no', 'zoom-fit' } for i, name in ipairs(names) do self.store:append(iter) pix = self.icon_view:render_icon('gtk-' .. name, gtk.ICON_SIZE_DIALOG, "") self.store:set(iter, 0, i, 1, name, 2, pix, -1) end self.w:show_all() return self end