Dictionary Lookup

Enter a word to be looked up in the Diccionario de la Real Academia Espaņola, and press Enter or click on "Start". The result is displayed in a GtkHtmlView widget.

Dictionary screenshot

The GUI is set up without using Glade in this case, the download is done using the gtk.http_co auxiliary library, which provides asynchronous HTTP access. The lookup handler is as follows:

function start_download(entry) if download_running == 1 then print "Download already running." return end local s = entry:get_text() if s == "" then print "Please enter a search text" return end set_status("Fetching " .. s) download_running = 1 htmldoc = gtkhtml.document_new() htmldoc:open_stream("text/html") htmlview:set_document(htmldoc) gtk.http_co.request_co{ host = rae_host, uri = rae_path .. s, callback = download_callback, sink = download_sink } end