Gnome functions

This is a list of all functions available from the gnome module, but debugging functions are described on the Debugging Tools page.

box(value[, type])
Return a Boxed value.
cast(object, type)
Perform a typecast on an object; only the type is changed, not the content of the object. Note that this doesn't work for non-objects, e.g. to cast a void* to a string. For this, refer to how Void Wrappers work. In fact, this function is quite useless, I guess, as the types are always (?) set correctly.
Create a closure object for a Lua function. Contrary to the name, no arguments can be given to the function. Refer to the Closure Documentation for more details.
Don't wait for the garbage collection, but immediately dereference an object; if this was the last reference, the object is freed too.
Returns two strings: the operating system and the architecture, e.g. "linux" and "i386".
Returns a Void Wrapper for the given value, which may be of any type - objects, Lua types, nil etc.